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*  Are you being ripped off / not getting value for the money that you spend on your commercial fire system?

*  Are you confused as to what your fire contractor does? Are they properly licensed, experienced and insured?

*  Are you certain that your fire system would actually work in the event of a fire?

We are industry leaders in all aspects of fire hydrant systems and commercial fire protection – including certification and site audits, installations and upgrades, testing and maintenance, failed flow test investigations and live camera services.  We pride ourselves on excellence in technical knowledge and client service across the full spectrum of commercial fire needs.  And we specialise in troubleshooting difficult systems and those that are not working or are non-compliant – we work with clients (together with building certifiers, the QFES and hydraulic consultants) to find a solution.

Can we help you find a solution to your fire services problems?


Testing & Maintenance

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Installations & Upgrades

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Certification & Site Audits

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