Certification / Site Audits

Certification / Site Audits

The best time to solve a problem with a fire system is before the system goes live!

Investing in quality consulting and certification ensures compliance and safety and can save you thousands of dollars in rectification costs down the track.

In most cases, if a Queensland fire system is installed, upgraded or extended, it is considered “new works” and needs to be certified by a properly licensed QBCC Certifier.  In most cases, this will include the Certifier providing you with a Form 71, Form 16 and a report to demonstrate that the new works have been inspected and tested in accordance with the applicable Australian Standards.  The fire brigade (QFES) is not able to certify a fire hydrant system, nor can a plumbing inspector or a licensed plumber, unless they hold a QBCC certification licence.

Our certification and consulting services are also available for existing fire systems and include comprehensive audits.

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