Testing / Maintenance


Yes Fire use the latest products, equipment and techniques to ensure that we are a preferred testing provider in Queensland and New South Wales.

We are proud to have a state-of-the-art, custom-made testing truck, which together with our portable test tanks, relay pump, etc. means that we can test almost any site, including those with no test points.  We are also able to work on high-rise buildings with no drain points and carry out testing in shopping centres and other retail facilities without disrupting trade in some cases.  Our testing equipment is also annually calibrated with NATA certification.

We have all of the required licences, experience and insurances to give you peace of mind and compliance.

Can we help you maintain and test your fire system?  Yes!  

Maintenance and repairs

Our team has extensive experience in conducting repairs and maintenance on commercial fire systems, including:

  • Identifying and repairing defects;
  • Conducting periodic maintenance checks and testing;
  • Repairing fire services above and below ground;
  • Failed flow test investigations – using CCTV pipe cameras, locating / tracing and metal detection equipment and state of the art live camera technology that allows us to inspect live water mains (without shutting off the water);
  • Leak detection works – using high pressure equipment and high definition cameras to locate even difficult and persistent leaks;
  • Live tap ins – tools and equipment that allow us to work on live water mains without any drain down;
  • Pipe freezing (up to 200mm) – also reduces the need to shut down a whole system and reduce water wastage when completing repairs;
  • Inspecting, cleaning and servicing fire tanks using our team of specialised commercial divers and equipment to ensure nothing is missed – this also reduces the need to drain the tank and provides tank service options even in drought restricted areas; and
  • Keeping systems online while we work with clients to determine the best solution.

We are also approved contractors with some water authorities, including Queensland Urban Utilities, and are well versed in dealing with:

  • Water main blow outs;
  • Planned shut down works; and
  • Small and large scale projects.